Click the button below to enter AFK interface


·        There is no time limit for online AFK. Max offline AFK time is 8 hours. VIP players enjoy increased offline AFK time. No matter how many days you are off-line, the next time you login, the system will calculate EXP based on your individual maximum offline AFK time.

  • ·   Players lvl. 30 and above can use AFK mode.
  • ·   Players can only use AFK mode in cities.
  • ·   Players will enter AFK mode if their character does not move for more than 1 minute.
  • ·   In a party, the AFK player will exit AFK mode once their party leader moves.
  • ·   Players will automatically enter offline AFK mode after logging out of the game. When you log back in, your character will be in online AFK mode.



·  Online AFK: Rewards will be sent every minute with EXP. The amount of EXP earned depends on character level.

·  Offline AFK: Players will accumulate EXP every minute depending on their level which they will automatically receive when they log back into the game.



Co-op AFK

Two players can use co-op AFK to further increase AFK EXP.

Click the button below to enter co-op AFK.

·   The players need to remain in the same city and the level gap between them cannot exceed 10.

·   If one player exits AFK mode, the other player will enter solo AFK mode, or use a Co-op Doll if (s)he has one (this applies to both online and offline co-op AFK).

·   Players of the same sex: 10% EXP bonus.

·   Players of the opposite sex: 20% EXP bonus.

·   Using an AFK Doll to Co-op AFK also grants a 20% EXP bonus.


Players can gain Most Favored Player status to further increase AFK EXP.

Click the MFP button on the AFK interface to access the interface below.



·   Select a class of status to obtain. There are three classes, Epic (20% EXP bonus), Rare (15% EXP bonus) and Common (10% EXP bonus).

·   Click the “Obtain” button to gain the status. Only a certain number of players can have each status at once. If all slots are already taken, you will have to battle the current holder and defeat them to gain MFP status.



·   During AFK, players will obtain 1 star every 15 minutes. Stars offers EXP bonuses and/or other rewards.

·   Normal players can accumulate 4 stars. VIPs and can accumulate a maximum of 32 stars.

·   After logging into the game, players need to click “Stars” to get stars.

·   If online players do not take their stars, star accumulation will continue after they log off in offline AFK.

·   Rewards gained from stars depend on character level.