Bulk Purchase

Level  35 or above? Ready for INCREDIBLE Bulk Deals?! If this is you then click on this button to enter a whole new purchasing system! 


With this new function players at Level 35 and above can buy many useful items at a discounted price when purchasing items in bulk. For each purchase special EXP will be added to a Purchase EXP pool and each time the pool reaches a certain amount players will receive one spin on the Wheel of Fortune (e.g. when the pool reaches 500 EXP players receive one spin on the wheel of fortune) for a chance to win great prizes (all items obtained will be bound). The EXP cap for the Purchase EXP pool is 46000 which will reset with the items available for purchase each Sunday evening at 00:00, items available for purchase and Wheel of Fortune rewards will be different each time the system resets.  Each week when the system resets players will also gain one free spin on the Wheel of Fortune.  The commodity list will always have 4 items, 3 of which can be bought by Ingots and one can be bought by Vouchers. Each week players will have 10 opportunities to purchase items from this system and will receive extra ingots as a reward each week based on how many other players bought the same item (see Total Sold).  The ingots will then be sent to player’s mailboxes on Sunday at 11:59pm.