Checkpoint is a mini-board game within Yitien. Walking on the Checkpoint board will trigger various events. Players who meet on the same spot will fight one another. The loser will be returned to the starting point. If you are about to reach the “checkpoint,” but there are still treasures remaining on the board, you can remain at your current location and wait for other players to catch up to you and fight you. After you are defeated, you will be returned to the starting point and can continue recovering treasures.


After the event starts, players can click the Checkpoint icon to play:


Event Info:

·      Time: every day from 12:00 AM to 11:50 PM

·      Players lvl. 32 and above can attend

·      Attempts: 3 per day (VIPs receive additional attempts).

·      The system will reset players’ Checkpoint data at 12:00 AM every day.


Event Spaces

1.      Mystery Boxes

When players land on a Mystery Box, a prompt will appear: Click Confirm to get a random reward.


2.      Thieves 

When player lands on the corresponding space, this event is triggered. Click Confirm to enter battle. Successfully defeating the thief will earn random rewards!



3.      Rock, Paper, Scissors    


When a player lands on the corresponding space, the Rock, Paper, Scissors event is triggered. Easy and fun, victory will earn you valuable Essence Orbs. You can win automatically by selecting “auto-win” from the menu below.


Note: Two events cannot happen at the same time. If another player is already occupying an event space, you must defeat him/her before the corresponding event is triggered. If you think you cannot defeat the other player, wait until (s)he leaves before you roll the dice again.



Checkpoint Lottery

 Successfully reaching the “checkpoint” will trigger the lottery. You can play the lottery to earn Skill Books and Vouchers.