Introducing the newest way to boost your Battle Rating, the Fate system! 
This system can be accessed by opening the Inner Strength interface , located on the lower toolbar, and clicking the Fate button. 


Once all Essences are level 10, players may open a Fate slot. The higher the Essence level, the more slots can be opened. 

There are a total of five Fate slots. Each slot may only hold one Fate. More than one Fate of the same kind cannot be used. High quality Fates may consume low-quality Fates to gain experience. You may use Talent Orbs to upgrade each of the five Talents (which correspond to the five elements). 

Talent Orbs may be exchanged for by using the new Mystery Shop Point system. Success will increase Talent level by 1. Failure will decrease Talent level by 1. Talents can upgrade all Fate attributes. Each time you attempt to upgrade a Talent, regardless of whether you succeed or fail, you will earn Talent Blessing points according to the Talent level. You can only accept blessings when you Talent Blessing level is higher than your Talent level.