Grove of Valor

Grove of Valor


The Grove of Valor is a unique PK event held weekly. Players who enter will compete against one another to earn points. The player with the highest point total at the end of the event will earn special rewards.


Time: 8:15 PM every Tue, Thu, Sat.

Brackets: Beginner (lvl. 30-49) Intermediate (lvl. 50-69), Advanced (lvl. 70 and above)



1.      The 500 strongest players from each level can fight in the Grove of Valor.

2.      Each player has 20 lives. When a player has 0 lives left, (s)he will be automatically transported from the event.

3.      Players may not form parties and/or use items to restore HP and/or Chi.

4.      If a player does not begin battle within 50 seconds of the start time (s)he will receive the Kung Fu God’s Penalty (lose 1 life).

5.      Players will revive 10 seconds after dying and HP and Chi will be completely restored.

6.      Kung Fu God’s Blessing: increase base HP, Attack, Defense by (times player died x 40)%

7.    Every 5 minutes: random items will refresh, lives increased by 1, HP and Chi completely restored, Base Attack increased by 40%, Base Defense increased by 40%.

8.      Players who lose connection with the server will be automatically transported from the event.

9.      Wining a battle earns 2 points. Dying earns 1 point.

10.   The last player standing will receive 20 points and a Hero Medal (Epic)


Victory: The player who earns the highest points will earn the corresponding title for his/her division and obtain EXP and items.

                     Beginner: Kung Fu King, Intermediate: Kung Fu Legend, Advanced: Kung Fu God.



Note: There is only 5 minutes for players to join the event after it opens. Players cannot join in after 8:20 PM, so please watch the time carefully.