​Intimacy is a statistic which shows the strength of your relationship with a friend. Intimacy provides attribute bonuses when you are in the same party as one of your friends.



Ways to Increase Intimacy:

1.      Private chat: Engaging in private chat with a friend will earn 1 point Intimacy (limited to 1x per day).

2.      Party: Fight monsters in a party with your friends to increase Intimacy by 1 point every 60 minutes.

3.      Removing a friend will clear Intimacy


Party buff bonus rules

1.      Only friends can achieve attribute bonuses in a party.

2.      The size of the attribute bonus received is based on the Intimacy level between friends. When in a party with more than one friend, the buff bonus is based on the highest Intimacy level. For example: If the Intimacy between party member A and member B is lvl. 2, while Intimacy between party member A and member C is lvl. 3, then member A will obtain 3% Attack bonus (from lvl. 3 Intimacy).


Intimacy title and buff bonus rules

Certain titles will be achieved when Intimacy reaches a certain amount.

More details are contained below:


Title                                                         Intimacy                                        BUFF

Casual Acquaintances                        101-300                                         Attack +5%

Familiar Acquaintances                     301-700                                         Attack + 10%

Casual Friends                                      701-1500                                      Attack +15%

Friends                                                   1501-3100                                    Attack +20%

Good Friends                                         3101-6300                                    Attack +30%

Really Good Friends                            6301-12700                                  Attack +40%

Best Friends                                          12701-25500                               Attack +50%

Best Friends Forever                          25501+                                          Attack +60%