Kunlun Mts

In this mystical place, all players will disguise themselves as Yetis and hunt for treasure.



How to enter:

·        Only players lvl. 30 and above can enter the Kunlun Mountains.

·        Visit Cheung in the Royal City from 7:10 PM to 7:30 PM every day to enter.


How to play:

·        All participating players in the Kunlun Mts. will be dressed as Yetis.

·        Mounts, pets, clothing, titles and character info will be hidden

·        There are 4 kinds of Yetis:

Enraged Yeti (epic)

Fierce Yeti (rare)

Strong Yeti (uncommon)

Yeti (common).

·               The different kinds of Yetis are of the same strength, but have different drop rates in the following order: epic > rare > uncommon > common.

·        Click on a “Yeti” to enter battle.

·        Defeating a real Yeti will earn 1 point and give you a chance to obtain treasures

·        defeating a player will earn 3 points but no treasures

·        All participants can gain EXP after the event is over.