The Heavenly Peak


1.            Go to the Royal City and visit the Heavenly Peak Guardian to enter.

2.            Or click on the "Heavenly Peak" button in the main interface to automatically transport to the Heavenly Peak Guardian in the Royal City.

3.      Players lvl. 30 and above can enter the Heavenly Peak.

4.      Players can enter the Heavenly Peak twice every day (VIPs get an extra attempt)

5.      Players can enter the Heavenly Peak solo or in party (recommended). Click the “Recruit party members” button to invite other players to join your party.

6.      The Heavenly Peak is open 24 hrs a day.

7.      There are 60 levels. Defeat all monsters on one level to get to the next one.




1.      Players can obtain EXP and other items after finishing each level.

2.      Players can obtain epic equipment, necklaces, rings and gems every three levels. Higher levels will drop better items.




1.      There are 3 bosses of every 12th level of Heavenly Peak.

2.      Players can be a solo boss or party boss.

3.      If a player wants to be the boss of a certain layer which already has a boss, then (s)he can click the “Challenge” button to fight the original boss. The winner will become the new boss.

4.      Each player can only be the boss of one level.

5.      Boss rewards will be sent every day at 02:00 AM by mail. Higher level bosses will get better rewards.