Yitien Servers Shutting Down

Dear Fans of Yitien,

After much deliberation, we have come to the decision to shut down all Yitien servers.

What this means:
1. Recharging will be disabled effective – you will no longer be able to top up on Ingots starting from 24-3-2016.
2. Servers will continue running until April 24th at 12:00 (GMT+8), after which the game will be completely shut down.
3. For players having recharged money in Yitien   from December 24th, 2015, game currency equal to that amount will be  compensated to a new or existing character in a game of their choice  from R2.

After Yitien shutting down, to claim compensation for recharges, be sure to:
1. Use the same account info to login to the game you chose.
2. Send us a ticket containing a statement saying you are a former Yitien  player that recharged money you would like to receive   compensation in:
- Game: (Choose a game)
- Character name: (Insert your new game's character name here – not your Yitien  character name, unless it happens to be exactly the same)
- Server number: (Your new game's server number – not your Yitien  server number)
Remember, send us the ticket before April 29th!

We hope you enjoyed Yitien while it had its run, and wish you great new experiences in your next game!

R2Games Team