​How can my pet learn new skills?

Pets have three skills initially that can be refreshed for free once a day. Refreshing pet skills replaces a pet’s current skill with a new one. There are three levels of pet skills. When you refresh pet skills, the new skill that appears will be chosen at random. Refreshing pet skills consumes Ingots. More pet skill slots are unlocked as a pet’s Growth increases.

How to can I increase my pet’s Battle Rating?

There are many ways to increase your pet's battle rating: upgrading its level, increasing its quality, increasing its Growth, using Pellets or simply morphing your pet.

​How can I obtain Growth Orbs, Refresh Orbs and Pellets?

Growth Orbs and Pellets can be obtained from the Kunlun Mts. Refresh Orbs can be purchased in the Mystery Shop.

​How can I obtain Honor?

There are three main ways to obtain Honor: defeating rivals in the Arena, reaching certain rankings in the Arena and killing Yetis in the Kunlun Mts.

​How do I obtain Skill Books?

Players can spend Silver to buy lvl. 1-4 Skill Books from the Skill Book Vendor in the Royal City. Higher level skill books can be purchased in the Honor Shop.

​What benefits do I get by joining a Clan?

Guild members can gain extra Energy each day by exchanging 20 Contribution. The amount of Energy you receive is determined by the level of your Living Quarters. They can also utilize Clan Formations and purchase items in the Clan Shop.

How can I obtain Clan Wealth and Contribution? What is the Money Tree?

Shaking the Money Tree and Fishing are the best ways to obtain Clan Contribution and EXP. Clan members can gain 20 Clan Contribution each time they shake the Money Tree. Clan Wealth will increase by 500 once the bar (which contains 15 spaces) is full. Players may only shake the Money Tree once an hour.

What’s Clan Planting?

Players can plant Watermelons 10 times per day to obtain Contribution and EXP. Players can pick watermelons in the Clan Orchard at 9:10 PM, 9:15 PM and 9:20 PM to obtain EXP, Essence and Honor.

I did not finish a daily quest. Can I retrieve my EXP the next day?

Players can click the “EXP” button in the minimap or the flashing Retrieve EXP icon on the main screen to retrieve EXP from unfinished daily quests within 3 days. EXP can be retrieved by spending Ingots and/or Silver. Hero Medals can be used to multiply EXP.

How do I mute the game?

Click the small sound icon on the right of the screen to mute the game.

How can I become a VIP?

Click the VIP button below the character icon on the top-left of the main screen, then click the button that says, “Become a VIP”.

Can I sell my unwanted equipment?

Players can sell unwanted equipment through the Trading Post. Click the Trading Post icon in the mini-map to browse through unwanted equipment posted by other players and/or post your own unwanted equipment. Items purchased or sold through the Trading Post will be delivered via mail.

What do I do if I run out of Inventory space?

​Open your Inventory and click on one of the rows that says “EXPAND”. You will be prompted to spend 30 Ingots to open 6 Inventory spaces.

How can I obtain Ingots?

​Click the “Recharge” button under the character icon on the top left corner of the main screen to recharge Ingots.

What is the level cap for Yitien?

​The current level cap for Yitien is level 100.

At what rate do players recover Energy? Where can Energy be obtained?

Players recover 25 Energy every 30 minutes. Players can eat dumplings to recover 300 Energy at 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM every day or simply purchase energy boosters by clicking the "+" button to the right of the Energy bar. Players who have joined clans can exchange Contribution for Energy. VIPs can receive free Energy once a day. 


If I am on a delivery but my cargo is stolen, will I still receive any rewards?

​Players who have been robbed will still receive rewards, but they will be reduced, so avoid being robbed! However, the players who can successfully rob your cargo are limited by level.

What are equipment skills?

Legendary equipment has the ability to upgrade one of the skills your character has to make it even more powerful. You can change equipment skills through the corresponding function in the forge by using Mini Holy Stones.

How do I change epic equipment into legendary equipment? How can legendary equipment be upgraded?

Epic equipment can be changed to legendary equipment through the “Upgrade” function in the Forge and requires Holy Stones. Legendary equipment can be further upgraded through that same “Upgrade” function by using Mini Holy Stones, which will increase the attribute boosts it provides. 

​When is the Fishing event held? What are the rewards?

Players can go fishing from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. Fishing earns EXP and Contribution.

​How many levels are there in the Heavenly Peak? What are the rewards?

The Heavenly Peak has 60 levels. There is a boss every 12 levels. After becoming the boss of a certain level, players can receive bonuses at 12:00 AM every day. The Heavenly Peak is a daily quest, so it is a good way for players to obtain lots of Fame and EXP as well as various equipment and items.

​When is the Dueling for Treasure event held and what rewards can be earned?

Dueling for Treasure is held every two hours from 10:00 am to 10:00 PM. Rewards include EXP Orbs, gems, Silver and Meridian Orb Synth Scrolls.

​When do the Clan Battles occur and what are the qualifications needed to enter? How does a clan win?

The Clan Battles are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:20 PM to 10:50 PM. As long as you are a member of a Clan, you can participate in the Clan Battles. All participants can earn lots of Honor, Contribution and EXP.

​How can I obtain the titles Grove Warrior, Grove King and Grove God?

The Grove of Valor is divided into three classes based on the level of the participating players. The players who earn the most points in their respective class will earn these titles. The classes are: Beginner (lvl. 30-49), Intermediate (lvl. 50-69) and Advanced (lvl. 70 and above).

When is the Grove of Valor open? What qualifications do I need to enter?

​The Grove of Valor will open at 10:15 PM every Tue, Thu and Sat. The top 500 players in each server will be able to attend.

When and where do Lore Guardians appear?

Lore Guardians will appear randomly in cities if server Spirit reaches 500 (or some multiple of 500). 20 Lore Guardians will appear at once. Players need to pay attention to system notices and defeat the Lore Guardians before they disappear. By defeating Lore Guardians, you will obtain Silver, Pet Orbs and various rare items.

What is the best Clan Formation to use?

​Currently there are 10 different clan formations. Each formation alters the character’s position in battle as well as his/her Battle Rating. There is no one best formation. Rather, formations should be chosen according to situation. The best way to decide which formations to use when is through practical experience.

How do I obtain different mounts?

​The original Wolf mount can be obtained directly through completing main quests. Other mounts must be activated through mount cards. Mount cards can be obtained through the Shop, events and various other systems. Check the mount panel for more information.

How can players participate in co-op AFK?

​Two players must be in the same city, and the level gap between them cannot exceed 10. Click the “co-op” button in the AFK interface to invite players to participate in co-op AFK with you. If the players are the opposite sex, there will be a 50% EXP bonus. Players of the same sex will obtain a 30% EXP bonus. Players can gain 50% experience bonus by using a Co-op Doll.

​How can I obtain Fame?

Fame can be obtained through “Challenge the Masters” and “the Heavenly Peak”. 

​How can I obtain Essence?

Challenge the Masters or play Rock, Paper, Scissors during Checkpoint to obtain Essence.

How do I add new friends?

​Click the “add friends” in the Friends interface. Players that you invite must be logged onto the same server as you are.

​How can I obtain epic equipment?

Lvl. 30+ players can exchange Hero Medals (Epic) for epic equipment in the Hero Medal Shop.