​Yitien Server Merges for 2/3

Cheers! Two server merges are scheduled for Tuesday the 3rd of Feburary. Read More>

[S91]Golden Gateway 12/10 9:00 GMT

​Here is the updated launch time for our latest server: On Wednesday the 10th of December at 9:00 AM GMT, we'll be releasing Realm Of Rain, an European server. Read More>

Yitien Maintenance for 12/12

For Yitien, all Oceanic servers will be coming down for Maintenance at 10:00 AM GMT+8 on December 12th (03:00 AM December 12th for GMT, 11:00 PM on December 12th for EDT). Read More>

Yitien Maintenance for 11/06

​In order to update the Thanksgiving Event and Adjust the winter time, we need to put the world of Yitien under maintenance on November 6th. Read More>